sexy intensity…


*fanning myself* Even as I hit the ‘repeat’ button. This is not a pretty kiss but a smouldering one. I haven’t loved loved a drama kiss so much since Tony Yang and Sonia Sui made out at the back of a car in The Pursuit of Happiness. In Episode 9 of Oh Hae Young Again, Eric and Seo Hyun Jin shared a fierce, raw kiss smothering with all the right-in-the-moment sublime emotions and pitch-perfect intensity. I totally dig the wild purse-slinging in the lead up to that thunderous kiss.

LOVED the acting here by both actors. Believable, relatable, with equal parts vulnerability and hunger. The charged electricity between them just before Eric swooped in to kiss SHJ was plain swoony. What had me swooning and sighing even more was that tight, needy hug they shared right after they broke the kiss. Felt so natural and right, with the ravenous kiss just an expression of all the pent-up longing and bubbling feelings between them. Loved how HY1 grabbed DY to her without hesitation the moment he kissed her.

I actually haven’t seen such a raw, hungry kiss in a while which well, felt and looked convincingly raw and hungry. Plus, SHJ was just as invested and proactive as Eric, which makes me love her that much more. Come to think of it – the last K-drama kiss I thought was sexy as hell was the swoony one Seo Hyun Jin had with Lee Jin Wook in Three Musketeers. The gal has them all.