fallin’ into you…


Funny how things sometimes turn for the better when you decide to throw caution to the wind and live life for what it is now. Do Kyung makes up his mind to take his disturbing visions by the horns and charge through with Hae Young by his side.

It’s sweet how gentlemanly DK is. Like how he hesitates to examine HY1’s scraped knees while she is all drunk and out. But I realise it is more than he not wanting to take advantage of her but he knows that once he touches her even a little, he won’t be able to stop himself and would want more. DK has been so restrained with HY1 so far that every little skinship could set him off and wreck all that self-control.

But at the same time, he is quietly firm with HY2. Love how he just ignores how her seemingly “innocent” attempts to engage him, cutting her direct when she offered to drive drunk HY1 home. He finally makes a clean break with her after a game of table-tennis. He doesn’t wish to see her again and doesn’t share her opinion that they need to end things nicely.

HY1, on the other hand, remains refreshingly honest. Like how she asks out loud whether she and DK had slept together while she was all sloshed out, and suggests that they should sleep together at leas once. HA. DK did look a mite tempted at that point in time but insists they check out.

HY1 decides to move out of their shared quarters – leaving a very gloomy DK who listens to his recorded tapes of HY1. Meanwhile, TJ tries to jostle himself back into HY1’s life. DK’s feelings towards HY1 now is as clear as day and he is all ready to confess his like-love to HY1. He excitedly calls her, asking her to go home with him. But just as he reaches her parents’ place, he sees TJ walking out.

Incensed, he drives away and hallucinates a car crash and even experiences phantom pain. He goes to see his shrink again and this time, the latter can hazard an explanation: DK’s mind and body are actually operating on separate time realms; he is in “reality” dying from a car crash and his visions are flashbacks. ERRR. OK.

DK and HY1 bump into each other and all hell breaks loose when DK accuses HY1 of being easy for getting back with TJ, who dumped her. HY1 retorts she needs a man now and any man will do, and yells at DK that he is the biggest coward here. HY1 continuously whacks him with her purse until he has to physically restrain her. They get within kissing distance and all that sexual and emotional awareness explode in their face and they kiss…raw, hungry, vulnerable, needy, powerful.


DK manages to compose himself and walks away, which is the right thing to do in my opinion since they are both pretty much messed up still. In the aftermath, HY1 is hilariously angsty, dying for DK to call. She can’t believe he wouldn’t call after they kissed like THAT. I hear her – that was an unforgettable hot and heavy kiss.

DK thinks of his childhood days, most happy whenever he was his father, listening to different sounds together. His father died in a freak accident during of their days out…oh no. The poor boy. DK finally musters the courage to call HY1 and he says rather pleadingly, “Come to me.” HY1 bristles, yelling that she isn’t THATT easy. Haha, says the girl who has had her eyes glued to the phone.


Tears roll down DK’s cheeks and he admits, “I miss you.” Aww… he has finally cried because of HY1 – though I think it is more because of his past memories culminating beyond exhaustion point and HY1 is one place, person he can find rest and peace. HY1 dashes to find him and they are a little awkward at first, but full of smiles.


HY1 teases that she is such an easy woman: she goes and comes at his beck and call… what else can she do for him? DK slowly turns to face her and asks stiltedly, “Hug me.” OMO. Eric is so subtly wonderful here, exposing all of DK’s insecurities swirling inside him. HY1 immediately senses his need and hugs him tight. They stand there, in each other arms, on the same page at every level.

The two spend a lovely day at the beach and end up drinking and having supper at a pojangmacha. DK watches indulgently as HY1 cooks for him. Seeing how earnest she is, he can’t help himself but kiss her again. And they make out in the open. DK ends up dead drunk while HY1 is all bright-eyed, thinking of motels. HAHAHAHA.

But nothing comes to fruition when DK informs her he has already hired a driver to take them back to Seoul. HY1 blusters the charge is waaaaay too expensive – isn’t it more economical to hole up where they are instead? The driver keeps giving discount to HY1’s horror. Hehehe.

Cue – a surly HY1 in the car, with an ambivalent DK beside her. DK observes with amusement as HY1 gazes at the row of motels longingly. He muses that women should sleep in motels and when they do sleep together, it’s going to be in a nice place. SWEETNESS. HY1 is mollified. Haha. This girl’s a scream.

HY1 ends up on DK’s lap and as he blocks the sun from her face, he thinks – let’s go all the way to the end.

I’m more than a little sceptical about the shrink’s theory but I guess it is plausible with all the time-bender theories out there. So is DK running against time to find a solution to change his future-reality and secure his own happy ending?

Anyway, love all the skinship the OTP in these two episodes, especially how DK can’t seem to keep his hands off HY1 once he allows himself to get close to her, allows her to get close to him. It felt organic and natural, not contrived and staged to look pretty. He is such a lonely, tortured soul that you can’t help but cheer that he has found spritely HY1 to fill up all those bleak cracks in his heart. HY1 feels rather happy-go-lucky but as much as she is such, she is unable to accept TJ again because despite his better intentions, he really did a number on her. He should have told her the truth from the beginning and let HY1 make the call whether or not to go through with their wedding.

BUT there is still the case of HY1 not knowing about DK sending TJ to jail. Which is right now a pretty big pink elephant in the room. I actually hoped the writer would get that part out of the way early on because TJ is predictably going to spill the whole truth once he sees that HY1 is dating DK. And what would HY1 do? She doesn’t like TJ now and is happier with DK – if she throws a fit, it isn’t going to mean much. Would she return back to TJ after finding out? I don’t think so either. Sadly, the truth coming out would only be a plot device to separate the OTP temporarily. Which would feel rather irksome and disruptive.

AND that mystery connection between HY2 and TJ….