Chinese network drops long trailer for bobogyungshim: ryeo


I like what I see since the Korean rendition of the famed Chinese drama is full of action and handsome men. Lee Joon Ki looks good in black but he appears more like some aristocratic wizard than a ruthless prince. But Nam Joo Hyuk!!!!!!! The glimpses of him in character and sageuk garb are making me sooooo excited. I do think he might actually be able to pull off his first period role just fine. And his voice…aishhh. And there’s the adorable maknae prince, Ji Soo. And that part when IU walks into a bath full of ripped, shirtless princes???? Envy, envy!

While I really liked the Chinese version and the simmering chemistry and heart-wrenching romance between the OTP, I’m not a fan of either Liu Shi Shi or Nicky Wu which prevented me from loving it to bits. Same for the Korean OTP. IU is cute but a tad too girlish and tiny, the flowing robes totally swallowing her up. As for LJK, I just liked him a whole lot more in his early works though he will forever rock sageuk costumes and immerse perfectly into period characters. But what I like most about the trailer is that the Korean edition is nothing like the original Chinese version – which is a big plus.

Awwww… my Joo Hyukie. I wish he and Sae Ronie will do a youthful sageuk drama together since they both look so gorgeous dressed traditionally. One fine day…maybe