moonlight drawn by clouds drops first stills of otp


Er… I’m not sure what to think about these first stills. Park Bo Geom looks more like an indulging older brother to his impish, younger sister that is Kim Yoo Jung. Maybe it is just me but the vibe feels a tad juvenile and Kim Yoo Jung will have to wield more of her usual magic to convince me that she is a young eunuch with all the knowledge of love at her fingertips unless one is talking about elementary school crushes.


I don’t know… I’m a teeny weeny disappointed that I don’t sense a slice of chemistry at all between the OTP. Guess I’ll have to wait for the trailer. I feel a little bad but I keep imagining either Kim Go Eun or Kim Ji Won in these shots instead of Kim Yoo Jung. I think the overall feel and level of personal anticipation would have been so different.

Kim So Hyun and Kim Sae Ron are really managing well with older co-stars so I genuinely wish Kim Yoo Jung would somewhat catch up soon because she has the talent.