Monthly Archive: Jul, 2016

kim jong kook + soo ae???? LOVE

SQUEEEEE. I just watched the latest episode of Running Man and I was strangely shipping Kim Jong Kook and Soo Ae throughout the episode. They just make a good match. Figured I wasn’t… Continue reading

young love in the moonlight

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds drops another teaser and this time we are shown interactions between the OTP. Park Bo Geom is spot on with regard to intensity of emotions while Kim Yoo Jung… Continue reading

first glimpse of something fantastic

Oh. Jtbc’s upcoming Fantastic looks like good potential rom-com though the storyline on paper is anything but. Kim Hyun Joo plays a hit drama writer who discovers she has five months to live… Continue reading

w spins a crazy, wonderful world

Besides The Good Wife, I’m officially hooked onto W. It’s one of those dramas – like Empire of Gold and Golden Cross – that I honestly enjoy despite not liking the OTP actors… Continue reading

the good wife is bloody good

OKAY. Finally started on tvn’s The Good Wife and caught up with the real-time broadcast schedule. The drama is kick-ass and I’m totally drowning in intrigued bliss – the consummate acting, directing, writing… Continue reading

cute chemistry overload

Park So Dam looks like she’ll kill it with Jung Il Woo based on the latest BTS clips of Cinderella With Four Knights. She doesn’t have half-bad rapport with Ahn Jae Hyun either.… Continue reading

second to last love holds press conference

I can’t get over how gorgeous Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hee Ae look for their age – full of vitality and spontaneity too. I mean they look way more energised than their… Continue reading

kim so hyun is ethereal for allure korea

So lovely. This is probably my fave magazine spread of Kim So Hyun. Love the clothes, hair and makeup. I’ve been following Bring It On Ghost! and she’s super adorable there with Taecyeon.… Continue reading

the last princess drops trailer + press conference

Son Ye Jin teams up with Park Hae Il for The Last Princess, a film based on a historical figure. Son Ye Jin is Princess Deok Hye, who is held hostage in Japan… Continue reading

kim sae ron does post-drama interviews

Kim Sae Ron has been busy giving post-drama interviews – her performance in Mirror of the Witch has generally been very well-received, with critics and netizens praising her artistic maturity and chemistry with… Continue reading

petty ajumma + ajusshi clashes in second to last love

HEH. Love the upbeat, zany vibe of the latest teaser of Second To Last Love headlined by Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hee Ae. I find their petty antics hilarious, especially how Ji… Continue reading

su ae takes off for new ice hockey movie

Well, not exactly the best season to roll out a movie centred on ice hockey but the Rio Olympics is coming up and I guess there is no better time to rally some… Continue reading