ab fest


Two of my fave guys Kim Jong Kook and Nam Joo Hyuk flashed their chocolate abs recently. Basically, this is just a post for me and whoever appreciates a drool-worthy set of abs to sigh and savour. Kim Jong Kook co-hosts the home shopping Welcome Show on KBS with Lee Seo Jin and Noh Hong Cheol and revealed his unbelievably sculpted abs while doing some exercise. My Joo Hyukie showcased his own impressive abs on Three Meals A Day. He had eaten a lot and wondered whether he developed a tummy. He lifts his shirt to check and hell no… those abs still look darned fine. Na PD was hilariously sour, commenting that one wouldn’t be able to tell that someone with Joo Hyukie’s physique would have that kinda abs…after the text on the screen retorts that anyone would know just with a one look at Joo Hyukie. HEHE.