W is smart + entertaining


Didn’t expect to enjoy W – Two Worlds so much but I did, especially Episode 2 where we are delivered a heck of a cliffhanger. It’s pretty much sharp, intelligent writing at work as two parallel universes clash with our heroine flitting the two with much hilarity underlined with some chilling gravity.

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok are not my fave actors but the storyline of W is intriguing and I like how seamlessly HHJ’s character Young Joo (YJ) straddles the two worlds, albeit some cute comedy thrown in. The twist which I was pleasantly surprised by was how quickly Lee Jong Seok’s Kang Chul (KC) figured something was up and how he seemed to be in control of his existence than his creator. It is somewhat ironic that the creator is the one losing control of the plot, and getting challenged by the very one he created. So the question is – when did the comic hero start veering away from the plot and just when was this crazy, parallel universe created and discovered by the creator? As far-fetched as it is, it is something I’ve been thinking about. HA. The parts when both the comic is being drawn and being lived out in real time is both thrilling and fun.

It’s entertaining how YJ is kept on toes, trying to figure how and when she hops from one world to the other. Very witty and smart for the writer to have YJ look out for the “To be continued” prompter in order for her to end her time in the comic universe and I was guffawing at her attempts to end an episode by slapping or kissing him. Well, the kissing worked and YJ returns to her own world.

Since KC has already figured out something isn’t right and his fate is being controlled by an otherworldly force/individual, it is interesting to see what he attempts to do. I’m sure he will soon figure out YJ is from another world – since this writer is famed for making her time-bending heroes clever and quick on the uptake – and pay her a visit. He does have her hospital ID so he knows where to find her. And I’m also sure he’ll figure out the mystic connection between both their worlds before YJ. Why is YJ the only one – besides her father who obviously has been to the other world – who has landed on the other side?

If you haven’t been watching W, I do recommend it since it is a whole lotta fun and supernatural thrills made to feel strangely real.