the good wife is bloody good


OKAY. Finally started on tvn’s The Good Wife and caught up with the real-time broadcast schedule. The drama is kick-ass and I’m totally drowning in intrigued bliss – the consummate acting, directing, writing and cinematography pack one powerful punch altogether. Jeon Do Yeon proves why she is the queen of the silver screen while Yoo Ji Tae, Yoon Kye Sang and the rest of the supporting cast – even Nana – are just putting in all-round pitch-perfect performances. I’ll be watching Episode 7 later.

I didn’t watch the original American drama so I can’t compare and contrast it to the Korean one. So I’m watching the Korean edition from a clean, unbiased slate. The plot – be it legalistic or non-legalistic parts – is tight, pacey, twisty and dynamic, peppered with thrills and unexpected touches of humanity and realism. I was hooked from the first second and the whole drama unfurls like an extended movie, seamless with an anchored storyline. The conversations are sharp, witty, concise and intelligent.

I enjoy how the intertwining of legal cases and daily life reveal piecemeal bits and layers of the various characters, and their mostly murky pasts. The explosive estranged relationship between Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae, Yoon Kye Sang trying valiantly (at first) to fight his buried attraction to his married colleague and ex-crush. Yet at the same time he serves as both her staunchest supporter and devil’s advocate. Yoo Ji Tae is just so fluidly layered in execution with his signature rich depth and gravitas. Yoon Kye Sang possesses enough intensity to face off his co-stars. It’s just plain charismatic watching them weave in and out of the story.

On a more superficial note, Episode 6 showcased some seriously hot, toe-curling kissin’ which was both sexy yet realistically portrayed. Even more realistic is why Hye Kyung (Jeon Do Yeon) jumped Tae Joon’s (Yoon Ji Tae) bones. After an incidental, loaded smooch with her boss, hormones raging and senses humming with high sensual alert, she decides to just go home and get it on with currently still iffy but disgustingly smexy hubby. He is more than happy to accommodate her and their two-sentence exchange between kisses raised the hotness even hotter.

TJ: Shall we go to the bedroom? (She accosted him in his study)
HK: No. Let’s do it here.

There’s some elementally matter-of-fact about that brief exchange which upped the emotional quotient of the scene. Yeah – and they both sure can kiss. Spontaneous, confident and adult. No cringe-worthy stiffness. Just that it’s not every day you get to make out with Yoo Ji Tae who kisses and caresses like nobody’s business. But the sexual-sensual balance-tension was just languidly sublime for this scene. Then again, both actors have done much more in movies so this is child’s play to them. You can watch the sexy scene and the lead-up to it below…GAH. YOO JI TAE.