w spins a crazy, wonderful world


Besides The Good Wife, I’m officially hooked onto W. It’s one of those dramas – like Empire of Gold and Golden Cross – that I honestly enjoy despite not liking the OTP actors much. See what good – if not original – writing can do. This week’s episodes topped last week’s – and took more than just wind out of our hero’s sails – his intricately structured life is no more than someone’s fantastical musings.

I find W so much fun – overtly dramatic bordering on ridiculous…but the whizz writing and golden nuggets of twists in the plot make it so addictive and entertaining. I still can’t quite relate to Han Hyo Joo’s acting here but her character, Young Joo, is rather adorable and rash that I can overlook the portrayal. I can connect a little better to Lee Jong Seok’s acting but again, the drama character trumps real life so I’m so along for the ride.

While YJ’s emotional investment in KC dominantly stems from hero worship at this point, the same can’t be said of KC. He doesn’t know he’s not actually real and while he suspects YJ is from another dimension altogether, he treats her like an actual human being, a person to get to know. Thus, his feelings have a little more depth, more awareness, and more vulnerability. Like he mused that if YJ said “I love you>” to him just one more time – he may actually be shaken.

When YJ revealed that he was just a mere manhwa character, I actually flinched in repulsion because it is just an awful pill and truth to swallow for someone like KC, a fighter, a survivor with iron willpower. To be told you exist because of someone’s creative freedom, to discover your life doesn’t actually belong to you and in your control…

That being said, I like the supporting characters in Young Joo’s universe, especially her father’s trusty assistant who scurries between worry and envy towards YJ. I love his inane yet plausible comments on YJ’s erratic behaviour in the comic universe. From flashing and kissing KC…to even being locked up in jail. He is plunged in as much disbelief as all of us…but the truth is staring at him straight in the eye.

The mystical connection between YJ’s father and KC is probably key, though I know the romance will be piled on much heavier later. I’m wondering whether the writer will explain just how KC became so self-aware to the point he could wrestle control from his creator. I mean we all know KC’s self-awareness is what driving the bizarre happenings… but why and how did be become real? What else did YJ’s dad do to set off this bewildering process? Also, who is the black hooded assassin? Is it YJ’s dad? Don’t really think so based on height but if he was someone from the “normal” universe, how does he teleport to the comic universe?

Now that KC has taken his first step into the real world, how would he react? His world is rather superfluous and extreme but we all know he’s supposed to be a genius… so let’s see…