kim jong kook + soo ae???? LOVE


SQUEEEEE. I just watched the latest episode of Running Man and I was strangely shipping Kim Jong Kook and Soo Ae throughout the episode. They just make a good match. Figured I wasn’t the only one since at the end of the episode, Yoo Jae Suk commented that the two looked good together. Everyone else pretty much agreed and when Soo Ae was asked whether she liked muscular men, she gave a definite ‘yes’. And she followed up with a rather confident question to Jong Kook: “What do you think of me?” Which made him blush to the skies… and we see that their “loveline” will continue in the next episode.



I think they are super duper cute together!!! SA’s so elegant while KJK is a consummate gentleman. On paper, they don’t seem to be a likely match but after seeing them (even just briefly together)… they look so darned perfect together. Plus, they are quick-witted and intelligent, too. Honestly, the two don’t look as if they actually mind. OKAY. I’m totally shipping them for real…the snippets of next week’s episode just lit up my shipper heart. Lady & The Tiger… HAHAHAHA.