don’t disappear on me again…


Aw… Taecyeon… why so sweet in Bring It On, Ghost!? Yet another male actor manages to be all tender on his younger female co-star without giving me the creeps. Hyun Ji confesses her feelings for Bong Pal – atop a ferris wheel no less. To prevent things from getting weird between them, Hyun Ji pleads with Bong Pal to forget her confession…(P.S Many thanks to a dear reader for pointing out my earlier mistake. Was so caught up in the scene that I misheard ;))

To her horror…HJ starts to flicker between visible and invisible. She is in a coma, isn’t she? And is gradually gaining consciousness. BP freaks out at what is happening to her and rushes towards her but she melts into nothing right in front of his eyes. He looks for her frantically.

HJ ends up at a spot slightly further, regaining her so-called form. BP finds her and hugs her in relief. He berates her, asking her worriedly when she went. He hugs her gently again, telling her not to disappear again. Aww… he likes hers, too. HJ snuggles up to him, delirious with happiness.

It’s not sparkling chemistry between KSH and TY, but more of both portraying their characters convincing enough for them to connect, leading to these really sweet moments. I wasn’t worried about KSH and she is just about perfect as HJ. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well TY is managing his role and handling the sticky issue of having a much younger teenage co-star. So far, he has been lovely and gentle with his skinship scenes with KSH.