rom-com jealousy incarnate drops 1st teaser


Jo Jung Seok! Who is looking mighty sexy as a hot-shot TV reporter in his classic, neutral outfits. My journalist friend dresses just like him so I can totally relate.I’m not a fan of Gong Hyo Jin no matter how much I try to appreciate her brand of acting but I do acknowledge she has snazzy fashion style, which is going to be apparent in this drama as she takes on the role of an easygoing weather girl. The teaser is cute and breezy with tons of pettiness and silliness. SBS won the rights to air the series and gotta say all the three major broadcast stations are getting their fair share of hits and misses this year. On the cable end, tvN has been almost faultless in my eyes and Jtbc has been cranking out some genuine under-the-radar gems.