longer teaser of cinderella with four knights


There is a caveat if our Cinderella wants to take up the job and whip the three wealthy knights into shape – she is not to fall in love. Yeah, right. With someone as hot as Jung Il Woo in the next room? I guess the fourth knight would be the very suave-looking butler who will end up being her confidante and de facto protector. I’m already shipping Park So Dam with Jung Il Woo and I doubt I’ll switch loyalties halfway. The drama may sound all clichéd and been-there-done-that, but I still think it will make a good watch. A lot depends on Park So Dam carrying her role well and not making it too sweet, too helpless or pathetic like other loathsome Candy Girl roles. I’m confident she has what it takes…even that true-blue Cinderella moment of she wearing a slipper didn’t make me cringe. The drama kicks off next Friday on tvN.