love game

The teasing of Kim Jong Kook and Soo Ae resumes on this week’s episode of Running Man. I know everything is somewhat scripted but you can’t fake physical awareness, albeit sheepish and shy. I nearly died with laughter when the crew gave Kim Jong Kook Soo Ae’s shirt with her nametag stuck on it as a memento. And at the end when he won a dining voucher, it was suggested he take Soo Ae with him. Yes, please! Do that!


So we kick off where everyone is on the bus on the way to the ice hockey ring. The teasing starts and KJK and SA are embarrassed. When Ji Suk Jin asks whether SA likes muscular men, she replies that she does without missing a beat. Gary hollers this is the first time in the whole day that she sounds so positive. KJK practically blushes to his roots. HEH. JSJ then whispers to SA to ask KJK what he thinks of her. She does so obediently and KJK adorably turns redder. Everyone agrees they make a good couple.


Once at the skating rink, they make a game. The PD calls Soo Ae to play first… and her lover. HAHAHAHAHAHA. KJK has officially morphed into SA’s Significant Other for the day. Oh Yeon Seo calls out KJK for purposely avoiding looking into SA’s direction continuously and he defends himself by saying he just doesn’t want SA to feel uncomfortable. When he keeps up his chatter while keeping his distance was SA, the other members playfully shove him towards SA. HAHAHAHA. Love all the elementary school antics. And the rest starting pointing out “secret” heart signals he is sending out to SA. Gosh. Of course it ain’t true but I love all the nonsense.

They start dancing, with KJK with his usual, subtle moves. SA is coaxed to at least dance next to him and they kinda shimmy together, which is so laughably cute. KS claims KJK is shakin’ his tail at Soo Ae – read mating call – and does a hysterical rendition. When asked to do something couple-ish, SA easily suggests she and KJK form a heart sign with their hands. Again, she is complimented for being so positive when it comes to KJK. HAHAHAHAHAHA. She seems that way, no?






SA’s helmet requires fixing halfway through the ice hockey game and KJK helps her strap her helmet. Awwww…it was directed by the PD but I still think he’s so sweet on her. Later, while receiving instructions for the mission for the following day, YJS asks whether SA has left…ya know, KJK’s girlfriend. The crew presents KJK with SA’s tee with her nametag attached. Haha gleefully takes a picture and I honestly wonder whether KJK would keep it…and what he would do with it if he did…

Can we please get SA back on Running Man soon?