something sweet + easy


I caught both episodes of Cinderella With Four Knights and it’s pretty good. It’s easy cerebrally and visually, and I already like the characters of Park So Dam and Jung Il Woo. They have a rather touching common thread running between them and it does serve as a substantial starting point for their budding friendship, and eventually relationship. Fridays and Saturdays are officially my favourite days of the week since I get to watch The Good Wife and Cinderella With Four Knights, with Three Meals A Day thrown in the midst. I love you, TVN.

In all honesty, if Ahn Jae Hyun’s playboy character was played by another actor, it would have been more tolerable. I was cringing every time he came into frame and tried to act all debonair and cool. Even CNBlue’s Jong Shin is way more palatable. Also, the perfunctory secondary actress annoying from the start and portrayed blandly by the actress. Thank heavens for PSD and JIW. Both are comfortable and confident in their roles, and have cute, snappy chemistry.

The plot is straightforward – Rich granddad wants all this grandsons to get along and orders them to Heaven’s House, which is a freakin’ gorgeous abode that probably is some posh private club in real life. PSD is hired to whip them into shape and into a family after Granddad is impressed with how she manages to subdue AJH at a party. It does feel a little like Boys Over Flowers but then again, it is different since the cousins are exactly the best of friends.

Lovelines are going to be crossed – since the secondary actress has the hots for AJH, while JIW is sorta in love with her. But AJH is attracted by PSD’s spunky persona, which infuriates the secondary actress. JS is an adorable, but harmless distraction, while the handsome secretary will probably become PSD’s staunch supporter – and secret admirer. I’m just waiting for JIW and PSD to fall in love. PERIOD. The preview for Episode 3 sees more angst and jealousy. YAY.