moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo drops romantic teaser


Bromance and romance is abound in the latest teaser for Bo Bo Kyung Shim: Ryeo. I’ll drop the “Moon Lovers” bit with the exception of headlines. I’m so sure I’m going to love Lee Joon Ki’s fourth prince much more than his Chinese counterpart. I’m still ambivalent towards IU but the princes are too gorgeous to resist. The dark intensity Lee Joon Ki is all sorts of swoony that my poor heart can’t stand, Kang Ha Neul is solid as usual…and the rest of the handsome brothers including my baby, Nam Joo Hyuk. I loved his little “stare” towards the end of the teaser. If the Korean version follows the script, he will his own share of the gal in larger proportion towards the end. I didn’t fancy the actors in the Chinese version one bit but I’m pretty much liking everyone here. All the teasers have been stunning so far and I’m counting down the days till the drama premieres on SBS August 29. The network has a potential smash hit in this drama.