a telling split second


So which guy makes Ha Won’s heart beat faster? I think Ha Won herself already knows even if she doesn’t want to admit it for now. I like how sparks literally crackle whenever Park So Dam and Jung Il Woo are bickering or within kissable space. It’s a nice, natural rapport that strangely works though I had my doubts earlier.

HW keeps getting spun and held by the boys, so much so that I’m getting giddy. But let’s focus on the last embrace in the episode. HW is prepping a meal for the boys in her umpteenth attempt to get them together. An arm steals around her and thinking it is HM, HW warns that she said he should keep his hands off her. She turns around in annoyance and is stunned to see JE instead, who is practically eating her ear.

She weakly tries to wiggle out of his grasp but he just holds her closer and drawls sarcastically that HM is the one standing in front of her. He’s right and HM snaps at JE, demanding to know what he is doing. JE blithely replies, ” I’m going to take your fiancée away from you.” YIKES. That gets to HM immediately and before both boys can exchange blows, fireworks go off.

So I think HW could have shaken JE off anyway even though he was holding her fast against him. BUT that split second where she is struck speechless by his proximity is telling enough – she doesn’t exactly mind being in his arms. I must I enjoy the interactions between HW and HM, and HW and SW. She has cute, budding friendships with both boys while she is nowhere near friendship with JE. Yes, JE is prickly and rude but there’s that telling tension between she and JE that speaks of the fundamental attraction that usually is a prelude to falling in love…