moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo releases episode 1 trailer


HA. Our heroine gets teleported straight to the princes’ bath??? What a way to make an entrance. We get to see her interaction with all the princes who will supposedly have some sort of feelings for her. Ji Soo is adorable! I’m loving the glimpses of Nam Joo Hyuk as the quiet, cultured 13th Prince. Of course the main players would be Kang Ha Neul – 8th Prince – and Lee Joon Ki – 4th Prince. Lee Joon Ki is looking so much like he did in The King’s Clown – which I LOVED him in looks and portrayal – thus I’m partway swooning already at his manliness. The drama kicks off next Monday over SBS, taking over the slot vacated by Doctors. Man, imagine all the male beauty during the press conference.