fallin’ ever so slowly…


Argh. I hate what Ji Woon is planning to do in order to make up for all the hurt Hyun Min has inflicted on Hye Ji. So he plans to make Ha Won fall in love with him in order to free up Hyun Min for Hye Ji. URGH. The saving grace is that we all know Ji Woon is going to fall hard for Ha Won for real and would so totally regret his foolish actions when Ha Won finds out down the road.

tvN usually scores its productions really well so I’m going with the opinion that the background music is intentionally cheesy to emphasise the flower boy personas of the guys. I like the OSTs so far though.

So JW corners HW in the shower after a swim, challenging her to say her piece with the rain shower cascading in between them. The spray of droplets irritates HW’s eyes and JW gently rubs the water away…leading to another gaze-y moment.


I can understand why JW has affection for HJ, but at the same time, I’m glad he is discovering new facets about HW and her life. Besides trying to flirt with her in the shower, I don’t exactly see JW trying to treat HW any different for now in order to fulfil his hare-brained plan.

He applies acupuncture on her when she has indigestion, and he is the one who lingers and seems more affected by their incidental skinship than HW. When HW confesses her dad might not be her real dad after all, empathy and sympathy are written all over his face. They are sorta kindred spirits. But the enlightening moment is ruined by HW’s mega burp and growling stomach. JW walks off in affronted disgust…


And the two end up gobbling down instant noodles at a convenience store. HEH. HW has always been easy-going so no surprise she is having a relaxing time. But JW, who is usually prickly around her, seems mesmerised by her positive attitude and cheery sincerity. So much so he can’t stop stealing glances at her. Awwww… love how she makes him smile that little amused smile of his and incites his laughter.

Driving home, HW falls asleep ands starts to flop all over the place in the car. JW smiles (again!) and pulls over so that he can lower the seat. HW mumbles she misses her father, which causes JW to pause and study her in thoughtful silence. He seems to understand her well enough though he doesn’t know her that well at all. Love the song playing in the background.



Back at the house, JW complains HW was dreaming in the car and when HW bugs him by grabbing his arm, he halts and stares at her hand on his arm…and recollects their time spent together that day and the instances he had touched her in some way. JW has obviously involuntarily softened towards HW – thanks to her likeable character and bubbly charm – which I find amusing since he is hell-bent on making HW fall for him. But it seems that he is doing all the falling right now. JIW infuses JW’s bad boy, brusque character with an unexpected sweetness and child-like guilelessness that I find utterly charming.