knight wears a black biker jacket


Ji Woon and Ha Won continue to build on their mutual attraction even though they aren’t exactly putting conscious effort into impressing each other. Which is why I’m shipping them. Everyone else around them is trying to force feelings on someone while these two, try as they might to avoid feeling anything for anyone, they are developing not-so-platonic feelings for each other. Cinderella With Four Knights continues to plod on nicely plot-wise though I agree with a reader that the editing really needs some work.

HW manages to get all three boys to attend their fathers’ combined memorial, though JW only turns up much later. He had gone to pay respects to his mom before that and sees a dried rose laid at her urn – from HW. Stunned and of course reluctantly moved, he leaves the flower there. Awww…

Secretary knows JW ended up at the memorial because of HW – the other two boys, too – and his swift denial is hilarious. Alone, he rues that HW should not be affecting him in any way. HW leaves the house, thinking she failed the mission since she isn’t aware that JW turned up after they had left.

The boys remember HW’s graduation day and head to her school. Unfortunately, HW’s stepsis has started to spread spiteful rumours about she and the three chaebol heirs, which earns her the wrath of her fellow students. HW ends up tussled up by a bunch of girls, who snip away at her tracksuit while filming on camera. The bullying in Korean schools is… well, disturbing.

The boys try their best to find HW at her school despite been surrounded by eager schoolgirls. JW suspects something is wrong after overhearing students saying as much. He manages to find HW in time and scares away the bullies. Noticing her ripped tracksuit, he takes off his jacket and covers her with it. I LOVE that he sizes up the situation immediately and tacitly doesn’t ask her any questions – not even the perfunctory “Are you okay?” since she obviously isn’t. He just puts a comforting arm around her and guides her out. He is such a sweetie.




The pair head out and run into more bullies, and JW tucks HW behind him protectively but is saved from kicking more asses when HM materialises and get the bullies off their back by offering his car in return. OKAY. HM puts on a new school uniform on HW and effectively dismisses JW, stating he wants to chat with HW after JW leaves. JW is annoyed but he turns to look at HW, who is practically begging him not to go. They share yet another charged exchange of gazes.





Well, HY is feeling all happy since HW had confessed to her earlier that her engagement to HM is all a farce. HY decides she can be chummy with HW and buys her flowers for her graduation day and even heads to the school. But she arrives just in time to catch HM on camera confessing his feelings for HW.

HM declares that after meeting HW, he has lost interest in other girls and he is always worried for her. Also, he detests seeing her with other guys – especially JW. The entire school watches the drama unfolding since their conversation is being broadcasted “live”. HW states they should just end things now but HM is adamant they shouldn’t. JW is shocked to see HJ and seeing that she is upset, he goes off to search for HM and HW.

JW hits the “off” switch but halts in surprise when he hears HW reminding HM that they aren’t engaged for real…and they should all the fake dating rubbish. HM is agreeable because he wants them to date for real. JW listens, stumped.

I like all three guys – well, four if you include the cool, collected Secretary. They are knights to HW in their own special way. But I like the way JW is direct and straightforward with his actions. The focused, fuss-free manner he implemented to search for HW, the way he just took off decisively to the broadcast studio after seeing HJ upset. That’s just the way he does things thus I don’t see him how he can keep up with the pretense of “liking” HW for HJ’s sake, even if he doesn’t like HW in the first place. He would never be able to keep it up since his natural character will rebel against subterfuge and deceit. Plus now he knows that HM and HW are not genuinely engaged, I wonder what he would do next…