the good wife holds wrap party


The Good Wife concluded this week and it’s one of the best – if not THE best – dramas I have ever watched. The sheer quality of the acting, writing, directing, scoring and overall execution is unbeatable – excellent. The cast was pure charisma and talent, led by the inimitable Jeon Do Yeon. The drama was pure class from start to finish.

I can’t say it’s my favourite drama of all time but it is definitely in my Top 5, mostly because Jeon Do Yeon does her thing with her unassuming but brilliant style of acting which feels as natural and invigorating as breathing. The director wasn’t heaping empty praise when he described her as “peerless”. He is absolutely right.

Kudos to Yoo Ji Tae and Yoon Kye Sang for giving faultless performance edged with the right intensity – adored both men in their respective roles which they nailed over and over in each episode. Plus, both men had their own brand of working rapport with JDY. Also, I thought Nana was very good despite not having much experience in dramaland. As I said, the supporting cast was equally impressive. The wardrobe was pure heaven to my eyes – I could never get enough of YJT and YKS in their crisp shirts, immaculate suits, and suavely combed hair. The ladies were stylish and fashionable, and the cast seemed to gel very well.

I guess YJT and YKS must be glad to be rid of their wonderful but stuffy suits since they both turned up for the wrap party in comfy sweats. HA. Anyway, have included the BTS video of the final day of filming. JDY burst into tears. Awwwwww. It must had been trying for her since this is her first drama in 11 years and drama schedules can be physically punishing and emotionally exhausting.

Excellent cast. Excellent show.









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