walls coming down


Ji Woon-ahhhhh. I have been camping in Team Ji Woon since Day One but today, Ji Woon had me at the tiny smile that flitted across his face when he came up behind Ha Won at the convenience store. Actually, he had me at the point he knew where to look for Ha Won while the rest did not. Not only did he find her, I think he also found a tiny piece of himself.

So yes, HM confession and HW’s subsequent rejection prompts HW to ask HM, “Do you like me?” His few seconds of hesitation is enough for HW to remark that he should get his act together and dig deep to find out what he really feels about his family and women. Well said.

Back at Sky House, SW and the rest are worried sick about HW after discovering her note. JW feigns indifference but soon heads out to search for HW. He heads for the convenience store where they had been before and lo and behold, she’s there with three bowls of instant noodles. Awwww… that smile. HW digs into one bowl, leaving the other two for her absent parents. JW sneaks up behind HW…and there’s that smile again! Jung Il Woo…where have you been hiding these sweet, sweet smiles??? But his smile slowly fades when he realises she is crying and he overhears her apologising to her mom that she can’t attend university. Urghhh… JIW is killing me with his understated stares that seem to comprehend everything of HW.




Deciding that she is wallowed in loneliness enough, JW joins her while pretending he doesn’t notice her tears, cheerfully commenting that one shouldn’t be eating ramyun alone. He sits across her…and is one of those looks again before he asks her to return to Sky House. HW mutters she can’t so JW reveals he did got for the memorial. He knows she left the dried rose for his mother and tells her he brought the rose and left it for his father. HW is delighted, crowing that he did well. They leave together for Sky House.


SW and everyone else is relieved to see HW and SW remarks in annoyance that JW said he did not care about what happened to HW. Hehe. I like this boy. HM, the poor boy, is mortified that his confession/HW’s rejection is going viral and spends the night out wandering around in a daze.

The next morning, HW and JW have a cute exchange about sleeping the night and breakfast, with JW treating HW with indulgence and peppering her with those tiny smiles of his, which I’m swooning over.


HW gets a present from Granddad – air tickets. HW is determined to get everyone to go. JW spends the day worrying over HJ, who isn’t answering his calls. When he returns home, he is cornered by HW who asks him to go for the trip. He flatly turns her down, to her disappointment. HW goes to look for HJ and invites her to the trip. HW thinks that HM and JW would agree to go if HJ does.

Just then, JW bursts into the studio and barks at HW for bothering HJ. HJ suddenly says she will go and JW refutes her, saying he is worried about her – as in how she would react with HM around. HW is visibly uncomfortable with JW’s show of care towards HJ and quickly excuses herself.

Later that night, JW broods over what happened at HJ’s studio. He obviously regrets being too curt with HW and watches her stealthily as she tries to get through to HM. He sneaks up behind her again when she is HM’s room door and he brings up what happened earlier…just that he can’t bring himself to explain (apologise?) to her for his brusqueness at HJ’s studio.


When HW snarks that everyone will be going for the trip except him, he mutters he will go if that is what really is required. When HJ texts him to ask whether he’ll turn up for the trip, he is about to reply he won’t be but well, he did pinky-promise HW he would.

First things first – I hate JW’s wardrobe in this episode! I think the electric blue silk bomber jacket, pinstriped blue blazer and the hideous long white shirt paired with the black military-inspired jacket…urgh. I love JIW in his black biker jackets!!! Probably the show is trying to reinforce his gradual change in character from full-on rebel morphing into someone more human and personable…thus the softer fashion style…but I want my bad boy back!!!

I do like that scene at the end where JW mulls over his treatment of HW at HJ’s studio and how he wanted to offer an explanation or clear the air or even apologise for his rudeness. HW was affected by his cool attitude since they have started to treat each other nicely. JW seems aware that he is feeling something more for HW and I’m quite sure his change in heart and behaviour is not part of his original daft plan to steal HW from HM in order to avenge HJ. He was treating her with genuine sincerity and I love how he is slowly warming up towards her, with some teasing and those tiny smiles. The big reveal of the fake engagement has certainly helped him to form a more concrete, honest opinion of HW and he’s definitely liking what he sees in her.

Back to JW’s tactfulness. Again he displays surprisingly astute EQ when he ignored HW’s tears (on a superficial level) at the convenience store and focused on persuading her to return to Sky House. I constantly pick up on little gestures like these as it reflects the mores subtle aspects of his character, and how in his own way, he is starting to care for HW and implicitly knows how to manage her feelings in various situations.