preview: moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo episode 5


Tempers flare all around as the affection between Wang Wook and Hae Soo become more evident – or least I think the prince is the one doing all the work right now. Baek-Ah a.k.a 13th Prince (a.k.a my Joo Hyukie) has a long-standing crush on Wang Wook’s wife, which is why he is furious that his brother is in love with another. In the midst of that angst, we have Wang So wrecking more havoc with the already emotionally muddled Hae Soo with his devil-may-care but oh-so-dashing approach.

The drama is getting dismal ratings domestically and I’m sure SBS is pretty upset since this was supposed to be one of its biggest – if not THE production – productions this year. BUT I love the drama to bits and though the narrative has its flaws, it isn’t as bad as what its ratings infer. The acting of IU and the younger princes may not be up to par, but Lee Joon Ki is totally anchoring the show and killing it as Wang So, with Kang Ha Neul providing a steady, mature presence. If there is any consolation, the drama has a huge following in China.