unexpected cuteness


Gaaaah. Ji Soo and Park Shi Yeon make an unlikely adorable couple in Fantastic and I love how innocent and naïve (for now) their interactions are. The handsome young lawyer is like a breath of fresh air to Park Seol, who has been living a suppressed, suffocating life as a housewife-cum-maid in a rich family. Furthermore, her husband is an adulterer and it is sweet how excited Sang Wook is whenever he is with her. He is beyond puppy cute. In the below clip, when she comments he has a “pretty” (meaning “good”) heart, he sheepishly replies that “Noona’s face is a lot more pretty.” HAHAHAHAHA.

Ji Soo recently underwent emergency surgery and the production crew has stated they will adjust the script accordingly until he is well enough to continue filming. Ji Soo… Fighting! I would love to see him more in the drama with Park Shi Yeon.