first love… first kisses


And so they kissed. These three young teenage actresses have been compared left, right, centre, back and front by the Korean media. Mostly because the trio coincidentally starred in dramas around the same time this year and are blessed with talent. Kim Yoo Jung finally experienced her first proper kiss in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. I’m not watching the drama but I thought it was time she finally got her first onscreen kiss. Who better than the ultimate boy-next-boy gentleman, Park Bo Geom to deliver the honours? So I was feeling gossipy and decided to chat about the girls’ first proper kisses. It’s a no brainer who is my preferred couple if the blog header doesn’t already shout the fact in your face.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not watching Moonlight Drawn By Clouds but I came across the kissy clip on YouTube. I tried to make myself watch the drama again since it’s getting so much love but I honestly couldn’t get past the first couple of episodes. Maybe I’m not in mood for wide-eyed, youthful affection, no matter how heart-warming. I thought the kiss was a little stilted, but I guess fans of the drama would have died and gone to heaven. And the kiss should represent an emotional turning point for the OTP. My friends who are following this drama were all hoping for the OTP to have a good kiss and I guess their wish came true? Park Bo Geom is such a well-mannered sweetheart but then I recall how he kissed Hye Ri in his last drama…

As for whether they really kissed on the lips, I’m not too sure. I think Park Bo Geom did peck Kim Yoo Jung hard on her lips when he swooped in the first second but I think he might be kissing the side of her mouth after.

Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon were so adorable in Let’s Fight, Ghost! and in fact kissed many times, be it intentionally or accidentally. There were plenty of lip-on-lip pecks and the production team swore that editing that had to pitch-perfect as not to rile viewers who feel that Kim So Hyun was too young for Taecyeon. Barring the age gap, I think 17 is an okay age to be kissed and they weren’t Frenching anyway. Kim Yoo Jung is 17, too. Makes me think of the song from the Sound of Music: “I am sixteen going on seventeen…”

My favourite smooch between these two is actually the one that happened when Kim So Hyun had amnesia and Taecyeon stole a quick, hard kiss. I thought that was loads more swoony than the one featured in the montage for this post.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Sae Ron in Glamorous Temptation. I ADORE these two to bits so throwing them together is a dream come true for me. I was even more ecstatic that they displayed fab chemistry in the short time they had together in the drama. Kim Sae Ron had the cutest bubblegum kiss with Woo Hyun in High School: Love On (I loved them madly in the drama!!!) but that piece of goo prevented a genuine lip-on-lip and she was just 14 then.

One year later, she sealed the real deal with Nam Joo Hyuk and I literally swooned and squeeeeeed when they kissed not once, but twice! There was even a little lip movement and Nam Joo Hyuk’s mouth was most definitely not sewn shut, and Kim Sae Ron’s were slightly parted. I thought it was done tastefully and I don’t think fancy camera angles were used. If you watched the BTS of the scene, it’s quite clear they really did kiss and it looked and felt and looked really natural. Passionate, yet infused with the youthful innocence of first love. Most of all, I just loved that Joo Hyukie didn’t seem to be holding back and did it in such a sweet, macho manner. Careful, but not cautious. Yeah, I’m just biased. Hahahahaha.