woman with a suitcase offers cutesy chuseok greeting


There are tons of celebrity chuseok greetings going around but I thought the one by Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo was hilarious. Joo Jin Mo practises his greeting and Choi Ji Woo whines that his version is just waaaay too long. To which he declares in mock anger he ain’t doing it. Hahahaha. They end up doing a brisk, warm version with a shout-out for their drama. They do cheery waves, but Joo Jin Mo halts after two seconds while Choi Ji Woo just keeps on waving brightly. HA. Better still when she picks up Joo Jin Mo’s hands and waves them too, which causes him to burst into laughter. CUTENESS. He is pretty much a cool, serious dude so making these cutesy gestures aren’t really his thing.