brink of realisation


Hye Ji unwittingly forces Ji Woon to face up to his feelings for her and Ha Won. Despite Hye Ji’s rather one-dimensional, lifeless persona, I do like her passive candidness with Ji Woon. She does ask a very important question: “The way you treat me well…the way you treat her [Ha Won] well… is it the same?” Yes, Ji Woon. It’s time you figure that out and decide. You can’t keep being super nice to two girls at the same time. Also, I could watch Hyun Min and his hilarious antics all day and I love his easygoing, comfy friendship with Ha Won.

So JW brings HJ back to Sky House and announces she’s to stay with the gang temporarily. JW studies HW, trying to gauge her reaction. HJ ends up bunking with HW. Eh? I’m sure Sky House has plenty other lush rooms but ok, writer-nim, you want to create some friction between the ladies. As if having two men between them ain’t enough to bring the house down. I do believe the gals actually have a shot of being good friends if not for all that tug-of-war with HM and JW.

HJ muses how relieved she is that JW came running for her she sent him a SOS. HW is obviously not too pleased to hear that so she barely talks to JW when he drops by her room later to pass her HY’s handbag. HA. I love JW’s puzzled expression at HW’s brush-off.

JW takes HJ to a storage centre and she is delighted to find her belongings inside. She offers to buy him a meal and they end up at the convenience store chugging ramyeon. HJ says it looks as if JW has done this (eating ramyeon at a convenience store) many times and he admits easily that he has. When HJ asks who with, he guileless replies he has done it many times with HW. HJ comments that she has noticed that JW looks out for HW quite a bit and he is startled by her observation. He is further put into a tighter spot when she questions rather candidly whether the way JW treats her well is the same when he treats HW well.

That throws JW and to escape HJ’s scrutiny, he quickly excuses himself to buy coffee. He spots gifts for White Valentine’s Day and buys one. He stuffs the box into his jacket pocket sheepishly…awwww… it is for HW, isn’t it? HJ guesses just as much when she spots the box in JW’s pocket and figures she isn’t the one going to receive it.

Back at Sky House, HM and HW bicker like the best of buddies and it’s just so fun to watch. We know that the storage space was all HM’s doing. He thanks JW for helping him and requests that he continues to look after HJ. JW retorts that he has no reason to do so, and HM says that HJ will feel less burdened accepting help from JW than him. Ya know, if HJ wasn’t the HJ she is in this drama, I would actually cheer HM on and be more touched by his secret gestures. But HJ is so boring and depressing that I think HM is just wasting his time. JW states he is doing all this because HJ is his friend. I like how the cousins are slowly becoming more cordial and even collaborative with each other.

HW is all pissy alone thinking of JW and HJ when JW pops up. She waves him off again, asking to go look after HJ. JW blithely comments that HW seems all down after HJ started staying with them. She denies that of course and JW apologies for dumping her halfway to go to HJ previously. He reaches into his pocket for the gift but can’t bring himself to give it to her. HEH. And he already has made up his mind who he wants, has he not?


He suggests they go for a drive soon as he has something to tell her. You sweetie… HW cheers up at his invitation. HW later hilariously offers to do HJ’s laundry – think she doesn’t want HJ to look any more feminine than her – and shrinks her clothes. HW apologises profusely and HY says she isn’t going to live at Sky House long anyway. She might start a life together with JW. WTH?????? HW is understandably shocked and HJ resumes in that dull doll way of hers that JW is the one who has been beside her throughout the difficulties she had with HM and her father. She wants to give it a shot with JW.

HW blurts out, “How does JW feel about this?” HJ answers that JW feels the same way. Rather presumptive of her…but she doesn’t look all that confident either. HJ borrows HW’s clothes since the latter shrunk hers and HM mistakes HJ for HW from behind is all affectionate ad playful. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I know I’m being petty but I LOVE HM for just sayin’ he acted that way because he thought she was HW. HJ is infuriated that the two Kang cousins she has her eye on all seem to have their eyes on HW instead.

HW thinks about the sweet moments she shared with JW…and HJ mentions she is going out with JW. JW runs back to his room to pick up the gift he bought for HW and she runs into his room at the moment. He hides the gift but HW sees it and thinks he bought it for HJ. She turns to leave and JW urges her to speak her mind – she obviously wanted to talk to him since she followed him to his room. I like how stoically persistent he is here to get her to talk.


Upset, HW fumes that she has heard everything from HJ and she wants JW to stop treating her in a manner that causes her to misunderstand his feelings for her. You go, gal! JW is stunned and confused…and troubled.



So troubled he pulls over the car halfway and asks HJ what she said to HW. HY repeats in verbatim what she told HW…and when she sees JW not looking pleased at all, she asks him, “I’m not wrong, am I? [About him feeling the same way as her]” When he continues to look disturbed, she goes on, ” You keep coming for me. If you don’t feel that way, why do you do so?” I actually love HJ for taking JW to task. He is annoyed with her but I don’t really think he has the right to be when he has been the one giving her all the wrong, if not misconstrued, signals.




Upset – more with himself than HJ because he knows she is right – he apologises to her, stating that he wants to be alone for the rest of the day. HJ gets off in a huff and I don’t blame her. JW goes back home to find HW but she has disappeared after meeting her “father”. JW goes off to search for her, calling her mobile frantically to no avail.


HW keeps calling the father she knows but he doesn’t pick up. Just before her battery goes flat, she answers a call from JW who demands to know where she is. HW cries, ” Ji Woon Ahhhh…” And her phone goes flat.

I liked this episode very much, especially how HJ questioned JW about his treatment towards her. I don’t think she is wrong to come to her conclusion since JW has been pretty much running to her at every excuse. If he isn’t interested in her, why keep running to her then? Well put. She also challenged him, pointing out that he treats both she and HW well…but is it the same? Obviously, it isn’t to JW and he needs to draw the line with HJ if he wants to pursue HW seriously. He is given another well-deserved knock on his head when HW tells him to stop giving her cause to misunderstand his feelings for her.

Well, I believe both HJ and HW did well to wake JW up from his heart limbo and I think he has made his decision and is all ready to go after the girl he really wants and loves. True to JW’s character, he doesn’t beat around the bush and asks HJ in his blunt, straightforward manner what she said to HJ and his subsequent reaction of coolly asking her to leave the car is consistent with what I see of him so far.

Gah…I loved Jung Il Woo in this episode. He is utterly winning me over as JW. The subtlety in his expressions were spot-on and you can feel his inner conflict and self-awakening over the course of the episode. Also, I’m soooo enjoying Ahn Jae Hyun as the childish, pouty Hyun Min. Man, his reaction to the housekeeper holding up his red underwear…. HAHAHAHAHAHA.