6-pack vs 12-pack vs 24 pack


Nam Joo Hyuk and Cha Seung Won flash some seriously lean abs in the latest episode of Three Meals A Day. They are 24 years apart in age but damn is Cha Seung Won still in spankin’ fine shape. The two are of the same height (1.88m/6’2″) and have similar rangy physiques, just that Joo Hyukie has broader shoulders. So my baby has a 6-pack after which Yoo Hae Jin claims he has a 12-pack. HAHAHAHAHA. And Cha Seung Won announces he has a 24-pack and shows that keeping fit does reap benefits. Yoo Hae Jin comments all those firm muscles would disappear when Cha Seung Won hits 50. HEH. Awww… I don’t think so…Cha Seung Won will probably still have his 24-pack at 80.

So YHJ asks NJH to show CSW his 6-pack. CSW totally approves of NJH’s abs, complimenting that they look good. SHJ adorably whines that he has a 6-pack too but is ignored by the hyungs who are focused on the athletic maknae. YHJ casually lets drop he has 12-pack and smoothly asks CSW how many he has. CSW just as smoothly answers he has 24, to which YJH returns in an unflappable tone that havin’ 24-pack should be the bare minimum. HAHAHAHAHA. Love his dry, witty humour. So cute how NJH and CSW take turns to stand in the lit room which acts like a spotlight to flash their muscled bods.