I’ll do everything from now on…


Ji Woon! And the ever hilarious Hyun Min, who is providing the most comic relief in this drama. Ji Woon confesses his feelings to Ha Won accompanied by a totally sober, sexy kiss. Or at least, a genuine, adult kiss and not those anaemic, kindergarten pecks. As happy as I am for the OTP, we can’t brush aside the “No Dating” rule Grandpa set.

JW heads straight for the columbarium to find HW and she’s there. HW tries to act fine and starts babbling. So JW reaches out and takes her in his arms, “You don’t have to say anything. I’ll stay by your side.” Swoon. HW breaks down in his arms and he pats her back comfortingly.



Awww… SW and HM are worried about HW and show their concern in their own ways. JW apologises to HY for dumping her the day before and she replies she understands – he was just feeling sorry for HA. JW begs to differ, “That’s not I feel about HW. She’s special to me.” “Fist pump*

HJ loses her cool and whines about how she is all sincere about being together with him now, while JW calls on so-called “sincerity”. JW also tells HM to handle HJ himself – he is longer going to do things for HJ because HM doesn’t want to do it in person.

HW gets mad when she finds out JW have money to her “father” but he gets back into her good books when he does a DNA test to prove the man isn’t her father. He suggests they go for a drive…and they end up the famous windmill Yongpal hill where Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won kissed and kissed and kissed…


JW finally gives HW the gift but she is puzzled to see that it is empty. He lamely responds, “My heart [in in the box].” AHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Gosh. That’s such a bad line. HW thinks he’s pulling a prank on her. JW says there were sweets inside the box but he got rid of them. Then he declares in all seriousness that his heart doesn’t belong to HJ, but her. He thanks her for all she has done for him so far and instructs her to stay where she is. From now on, he’ll be the one doing everything.

He stalks to her confidently and kisses her soundly. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY.


I love JW’s decisiveness once he decided who he wanted and again, he knew where to find HW. BUT I gotta give Ahn Jae Hyun full credit for cracking me up during the scene where HJ was driving… his stone-faced resignation that HJ may just drive them to their doom and his wry comments had me chuckling and the sad song he sang at the end just added to the funny.