cut scenes + 2 kisses


Found the cut scenes that featured in the Korean version of Episodes 8 and 9 of Moon Lovers: Bo Bo Kyung Shim: Ryeo with English subs. For those who are interested and have yet to watched them. Also, the two versions to the kiss at the end of Episode 9. Thanks to the wonderful fans out there!

I personally prefer the international version of the kiss – a.k.a the longer version – since it shows So’s reaction to Soo’s tears and his almost poignant regret. I’ve also added the Chinese version of the…forced kiss. I can’t recall whether it is the equivalent of the So-Soo one featured, but it probably is. The clip also offers a glimpse of how the 4th Prince in the Chinese version was like.

Lee Jun Ki is breaking my heart as Wang So – someone would have to pick up pieces of me at the end of the drama.

Cut Scenes

The Kisses

The Chinese Version

video credits as stated