preview: moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo episode 12


“If I say I’m getting married, I will get married.” Take that, Wookie-Washy. Damn the coolness of Stubborn So. Wook , on the surface, has given up on Soo. Soo is demoted to a water/laundry slave and Jung is perplexed that Wook isn’t doing anything about it. Wook claims it is the king and not he who has abandoned Soo, and there is nothing he can do to reverse the royal order. So back-hugs Soo, warns her he isn’t someone she can easily throw aside, declares he misses her, and proposes marriage to Soo in his usual matter-of-fact manner, stating “You are my person, aren’t you?” Wook is sour and scoffs that it is unheard of a prince to marry a slave, to which So snarls, “If I’m say I’m getting married, I will get married.” And yes, both princes announce their intention to be king. May the battle begin…