the sweetest one-way conversation [updated with clips]


GAHHHHHH. I’ve been following The K2 with relish and was wondering when Je Ha and Anna will properly meet now that they are both back in Korea and, well, living under the same roof. I was not disappointed with the witty ingenuity of the writer – I loved the whole scene where Jae Ha does a one-way conversation with Anna via CCTV. It was so cute, so funny, and so sweet how Je Ha was honest-to-goodness upset that Anna did not boil the ramyun in the end. Most of all, the scene proposes how two lonely, wounded hearts can find a semblance of joy and peace in the simplest things in life.

So Anna (AN) covertly watched her bodyguard and housekeeper wolf down piping hot ramyun earlier in the day. That night, while it is Je Ha’s (JH) shift to take care of security, AN decides to head downstairs instead of back to her room after her shower. JH’s curiosity is triggered by her unusual behaviour and this prompts his super cute one-way conversation.

FYI – at this point in time, both parties are aware they met in Spain that fateful night.

AN trudges down the stairs and pauses when she hits the bottom. JH goes, “Why?” – it’s hilarious how he naturally speaks to the her image on the CCTV screen. Just then, AN glares at the camera and gives JH a fright. She knows someone is watching but she doesn’t know who – she’s daring whoever is on security to stop her at their own peril. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Loved JA’s startled reaction as he mumbles to himself, “What a scare.” As AN continues to stare at the camera, JA inquires defensively, “Why? What?” Then as she heads to the kitchen, he goes, “Where are you going?” Darn…this just soooo adorable.



AN cast a dejected look at the dishes on the dining table before moving on to the refrigerator. JA wonders whether she is looking for water…or hungry? Awwwww…he’s actually a little worried that she might be hungry. When AN slaps the refrigerator shut and leans on the door despondently, JA reacts equally mournfully, “It isn’t there?” He knows she is finding a specific item and suggests to “her” (AN’s image on the screen) to try the cupboards on the left, and subsequently the top shelves. As he speaks, AN does do exactly what he says. It is as if AN can hear JA but she can’t – they just happen to be on the same wavelength and there is something so heart-tugging, so meaningful about this silly little exchange.

When AN yet again doesn’t find what she seeks in the cupboard, JA is as disappointed as her, “You mean it isn’t there too? What exactly is it that you are trying to find?” The gentleness of his tone is melting even as he follow her lithe figure intensively on screen. AN finally finds what she is looking for – ramyun. A huge smile crosses her face and JA is amused that the elusive item is ramyun. A happy smile lights up his face, too. I FREAKING LOVE HOW THIS SCENE IS PLAYED OUT SO UNGAUARDEDLY AND SHOT SO WISTFULLY. The seamless synchronisation of their thoughts and actions.


AN begins dancing and twirling around with her packet of ramyun like she has found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Her innocence, her simplicity, her childlikeness, mesmerises JA and splinters his cynical soul. He is absolutely taken by her girlish joy, and I gotta say Ji Chang Wook is totally killing this scene. While Yoona looks like she’s filming some cheesy ramyun ad, I think the director wanted to amplify the childlikeness so that viewers have a sense of what JA sees as he watches AN, know how JA feels when he sees her like this.



When AN is done pirouetting with her ramyun, she gets down to find a pot to boil it in. The pot she picks is too big – as commented by JA. AN, who literally is acting out JA’s instructions, picks a smaller pot to which JA declares it the perfect size. HAHAHAHA. Cuteness, my gosh! AN starts to fill the pot with water and JA watches the water level like a hawk, and totally freaks out when she too much water is sloshed in. Haha. Yet at the same time, he is reluctantly humoured by AN’s lack of ramyun-cooking knowledge and guesses she must really be dying to eat the noodles.

AN can’t get the fire going, which irks JA. HAHAHAHAHA. The main gas switch is turned off and try as he might to alert AN through his one-way exchange with the CCTV screen, this time AN doesn’t hear him though he is extremely precise…HA. Instead, she brings the packet of uncooked ramyun to her room. JA is comically upset, urging her image not to give up, and not to leave the kitchen. How can she eat the ramyun uncooked after all she went through to get it? He is comically upset that she did not get to eat the ramyun. Later, when he is taking a smoke break, he looks over at AN’s room fondly. The ramyun incident has opened up his heart a little – to her.

LOVE, LOVE THIS SCENE. JA’s awareness versus AN’s obliviousness made the whole ramyun episode a significant one. We realise AN yearns for all the simple, normal everyday aspects of life – I’m sure she didn’t get to eat ramyun in Spain – and the cruel extend of her shut-in, and how it destroyed her young life. JA has been pretty much been disregarding everyone around him and we see him so invested in AN’s success in eating ramyun.

As he watches her dance with her packet of ramyun, forgotten feelings are dredged up. You can see in his face – there’s pain, yet there’s a certain yearning and fondness. It’s as if he missed feeling like that yet the very feeling disturbs him and causes him heartbreak. We know he lost his former lover in a horrible way and the last thing he needs is another broken person like him. But JA is born a protector and he lost himself and sense of self-worth when he couldn’t protect his comrades and his lover. With AN’s existence, he is being pushed to regain his footing again, forced to face up to what holds meaning to him, and in the process, heal and find himself again.