when bok geo met geum joo


It took me awhile to appreciate Woman With A Suitcase, and I’ve arrived at a state that I genuinely enjoy watching it. I have a feeling Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo would be better ad-libbing all the way. Geum Joo is a likeable heroine but I really like Bok Geo, who is a fundamentally a classic rom-com hero yet not quite predictable in some aspects. I didn’t know Joo Jin Mo could be so good being silly, cheesy and churlish, and I’m lapping up all his exaggerated expressions and gestures. He turns on the intense, sexy charm in the more solemn scenes and I loved him in the scene where Bok Geo escorted Geum Joo home after “rescuing” her at the police station. There is chemistry between the actors, but a lot of it for now is originating from Joo Jin Mo whose macho charisma is pretty irresistible. I like the MV below plus my fave OTP scenes…