betting on the bodyguard


Yoona and Ji Chang Wook are winning me over in The K2 solely based on their chemistry which gives off snappy rom-com vibes when they are bickering, and a deeper emotional connection when Ji Chang Wook is in full bodyguard protective mode. As such, the way the characters of Je Ha and Anna are written fans the flames of their chemistry.


There is a naïve innocence in Anna that reverberates deep inside the jaded, war-weary heart of Je Ha, while Anna’s childlike trust in Je Ha is touching and heart-breaking at the same time. An example is that scene where she eagerly searches for him and unquestionably obeys his hand signals before she heads out to meet the reporters. I love that Je Ha continually flashed reassuring smiles at her while he was taking out the snipers who were going to kill her. She has social phobia; he is a social misfit. Not exactly the best matched couple but a deep-seated connection has been formed between them from their encounter in Spain where Je Ha was probably the first person since her lock-up who cared – or bothered – enough to help her even if he had been a stranger.








So cute(and smart) how he came up with the three hand signals: stop; move; sit. I’m sure these signals will save her life many times over down the road. So sweet how he comforted her on the rooftop where she cried that she was the one who killed her mother. His comfort to her was like an adult to a child and I realised that Anna, because of her situation, is a child stuck in an adult’s body. She has had no contact whatsoever with the outside world for over a decade, her emotional and mental maturity stunted by her childhood trauma and subsequent life in the nunnery. She is discovering life outside the nunnery is way more complicated and dangerous, and Je Ha, despite all his courage and skill, can only protect her to a limited extent. But fortunately, Je Ha instinctively knows all the right buttons to press when it comes to her.