sandwiched with kisses


Lee Soo Hyuk… so fine. And THAT voice. Love how Su Ae is sooooo pleased to be in the centre of attention of two good-looking lads. HA. She mentions that is felt good to be pecked by two guys during the poster shoot for The Man Living In My House. Anyway, the boys are well-known to be good friends, part of the model circle that includes Hong Jong Hyun and Seo Joon. And if I’m not wrong, Kim Woo Bin is part of the same gang. Lee Soo Hyuk replied he isn’t sure whether it is a good or bad thing to be cast in the same show as his buddy, to which Kim Young Kwang later chirps that he is totally fine with it. Lee Soo Hyuk gripes the latter’s comment just made him look like the bad guy. Haha. Oh well, I love Lee Soo Hyuk and hope he brings a unique spin to the drama. Darn, I wish he had been cast in KBS’ upcoming drama, Hwarang. He would have been the epitome of the famous flower warriors.