preview: moon lovers: bo bo kyung shim: ryeo episode 17 [spoiler alert]


It remains uncertain whether Youku will broadcast Episode 17 this week to allow SBS to play “catch-up” but I have a feeling the Chinese website just may do so. I’m not privy to Youku’s contract with SBS but unless SBS explicitly stated in it that the Chinese company had to preempt episodes accordingly to the Korean broadcast schedule in the event of unexpected circumstances, I don’t see why Youku wouldn’t release Episode 17 later.

The Chinese probably didn’t think they did anything wrong by broadcasting Episode 16 yesterday since a baseball game happening in Korea would have zero connection to the billions of viewers in their own country. They have already bought the broadcast rights, which cost them a whopping fortune. Also, SBS probably has some management rights at OneAsia TV since the channel only streams SBS programmes, which explains why it adhered to the preempt yesterday. I wished SBS had handled the whole rescheduling incident a little better, knowing they are operating simultaneous broadcast in different countries. I wonder whether SBS even informed Youku they were preempting Episode 16. If Youku doesn’t show Episode 17 tonight, the decision would be significantly attributed to goodwill unless it defaulted on rigidly expressed contract obligations last night by streaming Episode 16. We’ll see!