romantic doctor teacher kim drops 1st teaser


Well, there is certainly an element of old-school cinematic romance to the teaser with all the monochrome slow-mo of the departing silhouette of Han Seok Kyu, and the watery, filtered treatment of the clip. But I decided to use a shot of Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok kissing just because they look too pretty together. HEH. Seo Hyun Jin is coming off a high from sleeper hit rom-com, Oh Hae Young Again, and I’m pretty sure this is her first lead role in a primetime drama on a mainstream network. She deserves it since she has been effortlessly charming in all her roles so far.

Strange, the way the drama is filmed reminds me of that of Japanese medical dramas and God knows how I luuuuuuurve Japanese medical dramas. They are THE best. Seriously. If Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (what a mouthful of nouns) proves to be one-tenth of the standard of Japanese medical dramas, I’m halfway sold.

The drama kicks off November 7 on SBS.