three versions… thrice shy


Youku didn’t broadcast Episode 17. Anyway, SBS is seriously a little nuts. I’ve just watched the Korean version and the international version of Episode 16 – both are different from the Chinese version I reviewed yesterday. WTH? I think the Korean version is the best. All the while, I thought the Chinese version was the same as the international version. I’ve rounded up a few scenes from the Korean edition that was missing in the other two versions. I may have missed a couple since I just skimmed through the episode. SIGH. Why can’t SBS stick to one version??? Three is just crazy. Now I’m wondering how different the Chinese edition is from the other two. Madness, really. What’s the point of simultaneous broadcast to congregate fans from all over the world when everyone is watching a different version?

There’s a scene where Woo Hee argues with Yo in the throne room. Apparently, she is working for him in secret to gather support from the hubaekje people. When she retaliates, he muses out sarcastically what Baek Ah would think if he knew Woo Hee was his “dog”?

A scene that is completely missing from the international and Chinese version is when So and Soo meet in their garden at night. This takes place after the scene where Soo is practising writing the poem So had given to her. So is agonising at how Yo used Soo to force him into submission when Soo appears and asks him whether he intended on leaving without seeing him.


He treats her with curtness but she doesn’t give up and back hugs him. She lets loose all her feelings on him, while he fights not to touch her hands which are around his waist. She softly asks him whether he has been sleeping and eating well. With difficulty, he shoves her hands away and walks off.




I guess the Korean version sacrificed Jung for the above scene. The scene where Jung is in audience with Yo, and he puts forth what he wants as his reward, and the scene where he goes to Damiwon to find Soo after meeting Yo were missing. SBS will probably do a flashback later when Jung uses his secret trump card on So to force him to release Soo from the palace.

Jump to the scene where Soo sneaks out of the palace to see So. The Korean version sees her lingering longer over his scars. Also, the Korean version has So kissing Soo twice without a hug – the Chinese and international version shows them kissing once, and hugging after.

The darned flickering candle is consistent in all three versions. Thanks much, SBS.



Fast forward to the scene where Ji Mong joins them and relates that Yo’s condition is worsening. The Korean version shows Yo hallucinating visits from Eun, Moo and his father in the dead of the night. He has a heart attack and collapses. It is Wook who finds him the next morning and orders the guards to stay alert. Ji Mong states “the time is now” and the Korean version has him further adding that General Park and his men, and his adopted family from Shinju and their army, are standing by, waiting for him to take over the palace.



I guess the other two versions will feature the missing scenes in the next episode. But what I really detest is the fact that because I’m rabid over this drama, I hate the idea that I may be missing key scenes that were featured in the different versions that I did not watch. I mean who has the time to watch three versions of the same episode every week? I did that for Episode 16 and my head is spinning. The editing is so haphazard…

Oh, SBS…please get your act together the next time you decide to embark on simultaneous broadcast.