legend of the blue sea drops 1st teaser


OH WOW. Both Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun look so unbelievably gorgeous to distraction that I had to watch the clip a second time to properly listen to what was being said. It’s a dreamy, crazy pairing of two super popular A-list stars and expect major PPL all over the place. It’s a story about the only love of the last mermaid on earth, which transcends centuries. Lee Min Ho is that love who gets reincarnated…and we catch a glimpse of him in sageuk gear…YAY! Our beautiful mermaid declares she’ll endure everything to wait for him…so he must, must come back to her.

The drama looks beautifully shot, like a dream as intended. I love the teaser. So much angst and wistful yearning…and so much of restrained emoting ala Lee Mn Ho. Miss him!!! The drama kicks off mid November on SBS.