preview: the man living in our house episode 1


Hong Na Ri (a.k.a Su Ae) muses life is like travelling where you meet different people. So true since the first person she meets upon returning to her childhood home is a man younger than her who claims to be her legal stepfather. Why do I suspect this is part of Na Ri’s departed mom’s plan to somehow safeguard (albeit in a bizarre manner) her ill-tempered daughter who has a nine-year-long boyfriend who refuses to marry her? Well, Na Ri finds out why he isn’t keen on tying the knot…snuggling up with another woman does mess up your priorities. For once, Su Ae is grumpy, crabby, and dishevelled (outside her sharp airline uniform) in a drama…and she is already winning me over. Kim Young Kwang just needs to be decent in order for me to like this. The drama premieres next Monday on KBS.