bodyguard business


Dorky antics behind the scenes liven up the set of The K2. I’m really enjoying the series – both the politics and the romance. Yoona and Ji Chang Wook have sparkling, dorky chemistry which suits their onscreen relationship perfectly, while Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah have blistering non-romantic chemistry that makes their numerous loaded exchanges exciting to watch. Good to know that the cast have great rapport behind the camera.

Yoona: Stop gasping for breath! (Ha…Ji Chang Wook is pretending that Yoona is too heavy.)
Ji Chang Wook: Thank you for not being heavy. Oppa will buy you a meal.
Yoona: What a cool oppa…

Ji Chang Wook is filming that comedic scene on the roof…which in fact really hurts. He says that he couldn’t say his lines while he was filming that move because it was too painful. The PD blithely instructs home to do exactly the same thing again. HAHAHAHA.

The funniest scene so far. Ji Chang Wook and Yoona rehearse and the crew can’t help cracking up at the adorable puppy Yoona is. Ji Chang Wook throws in more doggy commands, such as “Stand up! Come forward!” Heh.

Yoona asks Ji Chang Wook to dance the Anna Dance and he does it with aplomb. Dorky, dorky. Ha.

Gah. Yoona and Song Yoon Ah get on like a house on fire off screen and it’s cute to see the older actress goofing around. Song Yoon Ah explains she and Anna are always styled in a black-and-white concept. Yoona promptly labels themselves as ” Two Yoona”.

Song Yoon Ah teasingly suggests that Anna and Yoo Jin shoot a melo together. Ji Chang Wook gets into playful K2 mode, using his jacket to prevent the crew from filming Yoona.