lee jun ki smoulders for harper’s bazaar china


And he should since Moon Lovers: Bo Bo Kyung Shim: Ryeo has crossed 2 billion views in China. Thanks to his blistering, masterful portrayal of Wang So, Lee Jun Ki has scheduled an Asian tour in the coming months. He has toured before many times, just that his popularity has racketed sky-high since the drama started airing and won him more fans. I would love to see him do a modern rom-com after this…with one of my favourite actresses, maybe? He has already acted with Shin Min Ah so I’m gonna rule her out for now. Kim Tae Hee???? Kim Ji Won? Han Hye Jin? Su Ae? I would love for him to pair up with Kim Tae Hee next. They would look beautiful together and well, with Kim Tae Hee, you can always expect proper kissing.