to kiss or not to kiss


You can’t doubt the swoony-sweet chemistry Yoona and Ji Chang Wook have in The K2. This BTS clip of the blanket kiss and the catch-if-you-can beach scene is proof that when an OTP display effortless romantic rapport, half the battle is won. Yeah, I think they really did kiss proper, albeit very briefly. How I feel about Ji Chang Wook is pretty similar to that of Joo Won. I didn’t like Joo Won at all before Yong Pal but I didn’t mind him during the drama. Same for Ji Chang Wook since he I was neutral towards him before The K2. In the case for these two actors, it is probably highly dependent on their screen characters whether I enjoy watching them. Since both dramas are by the same writer, I figure he just knows how to pen and characterise his heroes well. I admit I don’t mind his heroines either since there seems to a dark side under their angelic miens.