six men… six kisses


Madness. Web drama Six Kisses (literal translation of the Korean title will be “kissed six times”) has cast Park Hae Jin, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jong Seok, Ji Chang Wook, Taecyeon and Kai at one go. WOW. The fortunate lady who gets to work with these men is Lee Cho Hee – don’t know who she is but I will after this drama airs. The roles of the six men roughly are: Park Hae Jin (romantic boss); Lee Jun Ki (emerging chaebol church oppa); Lee Jong Seok (top star); Ji Chang Wook (sexy secret agent); Taceyeon (a wealthy man with a pure heart): and Kai (thrilling young man).

Ji Chang Wook is basically going to play K2, but with more debonair, isn’t he? I can imagine Park Hae Jin and Taecyeon in their roles, while Lee Jong Seok will just play himself. As for Lee Jun Ki? A church-going chaebol oppa? Count me in! All I know of Kai is that he is Krystal’s boyfriend. Well, don’t think it would be too hard to act as a “thrilling young man”. Just imagine if all six men hold a collective fan meeting… you’ll need firemen and medics on standby.

Writer of the drama is Choi Ji Woo (not the actress) and Director is the one behind Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Flower Boy Next Door.