last look


The cast of Moon Lovers: Bo Bo Kyung Shim: Ryeo bid farewell to fans of the drama. I’m only going to translate – roughly – Lee Jun Ki’s segment since the rest basically say the same thing while I’m still mad at IU for destroying Hae Soo with her big-eyed stare. Petty, I know since it was partially the writer’s fault. BUT STILL…

Lee Jun Ki thanks all the fans that loved the drama and noted that it received much interest and adoration from international viewers, too. He is glad to be able to show sides of him not shown before in previous works, and declares that Wang So is the coolest/best character he is ever taken on in his life. And think that he will ever get one like that ever again. He thanks the fans again and tells them to take care of themselves.

I concur. I think Wang So is probably one of favourite drama heroes ever.

Watch it here