the sword of mortality


The Lonely, Shining Goblin released a long teaser and we have Gong Yoo in sageuk warrior gear with his own Excalibur moment – the sword can only be drawn out by his true bride and in turn break his curse of immortality. Ok, I totally rolled my eyes at the sword bit though I didn’t mind seeing Gong Yoo swinging a sword around in armour, all bad-ass. I like bad ass.

Kim Go Eun’s character can see ghosts and she asks Gong Yoo’s goblin straight out whether he is a goblin. She swears she’ll be his bride while he muses that she’ll never lead a peaceful life if he stays by her side. We have Gong Yoo brooding by a grave so I’m wondering whether reincarnations of past loves in store. Or maybe he had married different women across the centuries in his attempts to break the curse but all tried, failed and died in the process. The teaser has certainly effected an intriguing glimpse of the plot and I’m thinking whether our resident goblin had always been a goblin. This is going be a sad love story, according to text running in the teaser. Maybe Kim Go Eun dies but breaks the curse in the process.