the sweet deal


So strange yet so refreshing to find pure love in an adult romance. And such a cute, yet bittersweet one at that. So, so refreshing to find a straight-talking heroine who isn’t afraid to air her grievances, doubts, beliefs and feelings. And who actually grabs hold of the hot guy who is kissing her instead of freezing like a statue, arms stiff by her sides, fists clenched. URGH. Su Ae is utterly charming as the brash, bold Hong Na Ri and I’m beyond surprised that I am able to like Kim Young Kwang in anything – but he has proven me wrong as the secretive, protective Kim Nan Gil.

The love Nan Gil has for Na Ri is pure as pure can be, but in no way naïve and innocent. Which is why I’m amazed it can feel so pure, yet not childish or overtly sweet. It’s blindingly faithful and steadfast, and so believable that my heart aches every time he casts lingering, longing glances at Na Ri.

He vows to protect her at all cost, even if it means sacrificing his long-suffering love for her. It’s sweet yet heartbreaking to see how he tries to restraint his simmering feelings for Na Ri. When he finally gave in and kissed her like there was no tomorrow, Na Ri responded instinctively and kissed him back. When they finally break apart, it’s just lovely how Na Ri flashes a reassuring smile at the wary Nan Gil, who worries he may have overstep the boundaries. Such a heartwarming scene.

Na Ri is a hoot but I admire her relentless perseverance towards Nan Gil. And how blaringly honest she is with him. When Nan Gil admitted his life-long love for her, it was declared with so little fuss but with a whopping serving of heart that is melting in its sincerity. It’s a simple love he has for her but such a pure, moving one.


Trust Su Ae to pick yet another character that is intelligent and interesting despite this drama being a rom-com. I wouldn’t think she would pick a role that rendered the heroine dumb, helpless and the typical Candy Girl. She makes Na Ri so energetic, hilarious, witty and lovable. I just love how Su Ae manages to express herself so thoughtfully and with depth, despite Na Ri being one of the most cranky, sharp-tongued gals around. She’s probably my favourite female drama lead this year – may of all time. Maybe it’s just my love for Su Ae who just reeks class in any role.