guardian: the lonely and great god drops highlights trailer


I couldn’t help snorting good-naturedly at the change in the English title for Kim Eun Sook’s latest drama. The English title is a sub-header for the Korean title as seen in the trailer. A goblin is traditionally neither a god nor guardian, plus Google “Goblin” and you’ll never find anything handsome, suave or easy on the eye… everything that Gong Yoo is. No one wants to see him sprouting horns or going all devilish. So our resident goblin is more of an aggrieved immortal warrior in search of mortality. I totally prefer that to he being an actual demon.

The female leads are lovely and have chemistry with their respective leads, but I’m totally digging the bromance between Grim Reaper and Guardian. I was laughing throughout and that last part when the transited from acting to real life… precious. There’s Yuk Sung Jae too who is usually dependable. Even cuter is how Kim Go Eun can summon the great immortal just by the mere action of blowing…anything. HA!