cooperation drops 1st trailer


I haven’t seen Hyun Bin look so good in awhile but here he is all rugged and sexy in Cooperation, his latest film that also stars the irreplaceable Yoo Hae Jin and Yoona. Unless I’m blind, I don’t see Yoona at all in the trailer. Rather, Yoo Hae Jin cracks me up yet again. It’s impressive and amazing how he never fails to hold his own against co-stars who are generally considered more endowed in the looks department . His natural, dry wit and easygoing manner is just so entertaining ad charming, be it movie or variety. Hyun Bin is a North Korean detective who cooperates with his South Korean counterpart in the form of a rather bubbling Yoo Hae Jin to pin down a gangster kingpin responsible for running an illegal refugee ring. I luuurve the part when Yoo Hae Jin asks Hyun Bin where he wants to go and when Hyun Bin replies he wishes to head to Myeongdong, Yoo Hae Jin comments without missing a beat that the North Korean wants to go shopping. HAHAAHA.

The movie will open in January 2017.