potential mess?


Oh dear. The new teaser and clip are eradicating any hope I have for Hwarang. I’m not too sure what to think of it since the costumes looked borrowed from a high school drama club and hairdos are just plain ridiculous in some parts. The Hwarang is supposed to be unsurpassed in beauty and fighting skills but I see nothing of the beauty and dangerous action in all the teasers released so far. I mean Park Seo Joon is unsuaally attractive in his own way but he isn’t awesome pretty that the Hwarang is supposed to be and his hair…GAH. Park Hyung Sik probably is a little cute while Min Ho could be beautiful if he was styled well. Go Ara is so nondescript here and I’m hoping the writer is really counting on excellent storyline and character development because the drama is visually drab and looks kinda cheap and cheesy so far.

SIGH. I wished KBS angled Hwarang as a more serious melodrama than a coming-of-age youth sageuk because I have total respect for this legendary, mythical band of warriors.